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Menu Configuration Description and Options

In SFX v4 Menu Configuration is located under Setup & Administration > Configuration.

The Menu Configuration has set up configurations for:

For each SFX instance, the look and feel and layout can be completely customized. As a result, different SFX instances on the same SFX server can have SFX menus that look very different. Within each instance, it is possible to determine the look and feel of the menu by selecting an SFX menu template set.

The available templates are:

Configurations and translations of this template set need to be performed via the HTML templates and UNIX configuration files. For more information on the advanced menu template, refer to the SFX Advanced User’s Guide.

Menu Configuration

(setup information available in General Users Guide, page 347).

PowerPoint show on Google Docs Menu Configuration

MULTI-OBJECT MENU: SFX Menu for Multiple Hits in the SFX Database


(More information in General User Guide, page 380)


(more configuration information can be found in General Users Guide, page 384)

Related Objects

(List of Relation Types page 82 in the General User Guide)

(Also see Translations & Display for more modifications for labels to Related Objects)


Related object services are relevant to end-users for the following reasons:

How to set up Related Objects:

Display Logic

(More information on page 375 of the General User Guide.)

SFX menu, depending on whether other types of services are presented to the user.

TimeDiff Warning

Some articles may not be displayed in the SFX menu if they have an embargo or moving wall period. You can have a warning displayed in the SFX menu that an article may not be available because of an embargo or moving wall period. Select the checkbox to display the warning in the SFX menu. To have a tooltip display to explain the warning, select Enable tooltip for timediff warning.

This is what the warning looks like in the SFX Menu: This article may not be available because of an embargo period.

The warning usually appears when the year is used in the OpenURL but not the complete date, yyyy/mm/dd. SFX is not sure whether or not there is full text when checking the embargo date against the year in the OpenURL so when TimeDiff is enabled, the targets are displayed as a "just in case" there is full text.

TimeDiff set up is located under General Configuration in the SFX Menu Configuration module. More information about the TimeDiff Warning can be found on page 361 of the SFX General Users Guide.

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